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Frequently Asked Questions about Adult Psychiatric Medication

Why should I consider taking a psychiatric medication?
With many psychiatric medications the best result frequently is achieved with the combination of medication and psychotherapy.

Will I get side effects from these medications?
All medications have potential side effects.  Many are transient and not serious and if a particular side effect is persistent and intolerable, then the medication will be decreased in dosage or discontinued.

Do I need a referral?
No, self referral is fine.

Will I automatically be prescribed the medication?
A medication will be prescribed only after a complete psychiatric history is evaluated and there is clear indication for a medication.

What do I do if I have a problem outside of office hours?
Either myself or another psychiatrist will be on call to take care of any problem that may arise outside of the usual office hours.

Is the information I relate treated confidentially?
Everything that is said in my office is treated confidentially with a few obvious exceptions that will be explained clearly in the first office visit.

Do you make referrals for other necessary services?
If there is a need for other special services, I do make the appropriate referrals.

Will I feel better right away?
Many psychiatric medications take at least ten days before any effect occurs.  A few medications do work more quickly.

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