How I Can Help

New clients always welcome. Evening appointments available.

I am taking patients via phone during the pandemic.

Phone: 650.961.8923
Fax: 408. 975.0764

Serving the greater San Jose/Silicon Valley Area
with offices in Los Altos, San Jose, and Morgan Hill, California.

I will ask you questions to develop a thorough understanding of the problem that brought you to treatment.  Based on these findings I will suggest a personalized treatment plan and discuss it with you.

  • My practice is limited to psychopharmacological treatment for adults only.  Initially I do a complete psychiatric interview for each patient that includes a history of the present illness, the past psychiatric history, and a complete family and developmental history.
  • Rebalance your neurochemistryIf indicated I will prescribe the appropriate medication(s).  Medications are essential for many people to rebalance their neurochemistry which can result in a significant decrease in the symptoms of an illness, thereby allowing them to have a richer quality of life. 

  • I monitor each patient for efficacy of and the appropriate dosing of each medication and I will make any necessary changes.
  • If the patient has a psychotherapist then I contact him/her after each office visit.
  • I monitor the effect of any co-existing medical condition on the psychiatric disorder and vice versa.
  • I consult with other physicians when indicated and I monitor each patient for the continued need for medication on an ongoing basis.
  • I try to make each patient feel comfortable and not judged.  I do not pressure  patients to talk about anything about which they do not wish to talk about.                              

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David P. Goldstein, M.D.
Psychiatrist - Los Altos - San Jose - Morgan Hill, California
Phone: 650.961.8923 - Fax: 408.975.0764

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