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Information for Health Care Professionals - Psychotherapist - Counselors

Do you work with your patient's psychotherapist/counselors?
Yes I do.  I do only psychopharmacology and if one of my patients is in psychotherapy/counseling, I always work with I work with  therapist/counselor to help provide an integrated form of psychological care.the therapist/counselor to help provide an integrated form of psychological care.  If other professionals are involved, then I also make contact with them when indicated.

How often do you touch base with the other psychological colleagues?
After every visit, usually the same day, I make contact with the involved professional and provide an update on the patient's psychopharmacological status.

How has having been an OB/GYN helped you in the practice of psychiatry?
With a background in OB/GYN, I am quite aware of the interplay between hormones, pregnancy and post partum factors on the mental health status of my female patients.  It provides me with another layer of information to help provide the most efficacious care for my patients. 

Are you on staff at a hospital with a behavioral health inpatient service?
I am on staff in the department of psychiatry at El Camino Hospital in Mountain View.

Are you easily accessible?
I have an office phone with voice mail and also will provide my home/cell phone number whenever necessary.

Do I have a sense of humor?
Although I take mental illness very seriously I do have a sense of humor.  It definitely helps me in my relationships with my patients and colleagues.

Do I ever get consultations?
In a very difficult case if necessary I have no problem in getting a consultation usually at the Stanford University Department of Psychiatry.                        

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