Coping with Covid

New clients always welcome. Evening appointments available.

I am taking patients via phone during the pandemic.

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Covid 19 Can Cause Feelings of Anxiety, Stress, Loneliness and Depression

Is there anything you can do?

In this world of Covid 19 too often this pandemic brings on feelings of anxiety, stress, loneliness, depression, and, even helplessness, especially as there seems to be no end in sight to this dreaded virus. 

What Can You Do?
You are not alone with these feelings. Know that psychological stresses brought on by the fear of Covid 19 can frequently be alleviated through the use of psychiatric medication and/or short term psychotherapy.  (My approach is described in the “How I Can Help” section on this website.) The best approach depends on your individual symptoms and situation. You do not have to suffer.

How I Can Help
I am taking patients via phone during the pandemic.  I encourage you to call to see if I can help you with the stress, anxiety, loneliness or depression associated with the pandemic.

Please call: 650-961-8923
All calls are kept strictly confidential.

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