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New clients always welcome. Evening appointments available.

I am taking patients via phone during the pandemic.

Phone: 650.961.8923
Fax: 408. 975.0764

Serving the greater San Jose/Silicon Valley Area
with offices in Los Altos, San Jose, and Morgan Hill, California.

I grew up in a small town in central Pennsylvania…

In high school I knew fairly well that I wanted to pursue a career in medicine.  Our family doctor who was my mentor was a great role model. Being a small town physician who knew his patients by their first name instilled in me the type of values that became a priority in the type of doctor I desired to be.  In my current practice of medicine with my patients and colleagues I try to continue to follow these values in

Diggity with his
 favorite – well worn – toy! 

my practice.

Having found my way to California years ago I have been fortunate to have experienced a fulfilling professional and personal life.  And this is the same goal that I have for my patients.  I enjoy spending time with my family which also includes two dogs (Diggity and Henry) plus two horses (Joey and Tess). 

I enjoy my two favorite hobbies.  The first is flying and I currently have a private pilot's license.  I also enjoy acting and taking classes in Improvisation.

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David P. Goldstein, M.D.
Psychiatrist - Los Altos - San Jose - Morgan Hill, California
Phone: 650.961.8923 - Fax: 408.975.0764

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